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We design, build and support Point of Sales systems.
Don’t fall for gimmicky POS solutions offered on the web for a low monthly price , these are often times misleading and leave out key business solutions. Our point of sales systems have been tested to save your company from wasting time & money with incompatibility or support issues. We deliver complete Point of Sale solutions with over 15 years of retail service management.

Premium features

Our Point of Sales solutions offer complete business coverage. POS systems that integrate your Business's Bookkeeping , Payroll , Employee Time Tracking , Inventory and company Website as one seamless entity.

Customized Design

We build our POS around your Business. Our solutions offer almost unlimited customization.

Enhanced security

Don't leave your business open to attacks on a cloud based POS system. Use your own private database with enhanced network security powered by Netlabos™.

Powerful framework

We deliver future proof machines that can be customized at any time.

Integrated Services

We offer integrated solutions to do the heavy lifting for your business's most vital processes.

Record keeping simplified

Our POS system integration will allow you the freedom from unnecessary bookkeeping tasks by updating our integrated financial software with your Daily Sales , Invoices , Employees Hours , Employee Compensations all in one simple click!

Payroll simplified

No more unnecessary time calculations , overtime pay , commission and tip tracking. Now all of these tedious tasks are auto generated in our integrated financial software solution.
Mobile Payment

Track all of your daily sales and create faster checkout times

Every sale you make can be customized in its own department for enhanced tracking and bookkeeping simplicity. Check customers out fast with less employee errors.

Point of Sale solutions

Our point of sales solutions are here to help automate most of your daily business routines.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Employee time tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Reorders
  • Website & POS integration
Point of Sale Credit Card
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We offer a variety of Point of Sale touch systems for every business type
Point of Sale Desktop
Point of Sale Hardware
POS System
We are an Authorized Reseller of  Elo Touch Solutions™

Disclaimer: Packages may vary in price depending on customer needs and locations. Package prices are to be considered rough estimates. Each project price may vary and are not to be taken as final package totals. Our integrated software solutions must be implemented in order to facilitate the required Eco system for all of our services to function as advertised , this may result in additional charges. We reserve the right to change our service prices at any time without further notice.

Integrate a retail website

We offer integrated websites using our advanced web solutions
Never miss a sale again with our in-store self-serve website solution
A study conducted in 2017 stated 70% of shoppers will visit a potential businesses website before going to buy in store. In 2019 of the small businesses that have websites, 69% of them are having  sales of $1,000,000 to $2,500,000 annually.
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Computer Security

Secure your business network

We offer powerful network security using our advanced network solutions
A small business study determined that $2,235,000 was the average cost of cyber attacks for small and medium-sized businesses. Over 70% of small businesses go bankrupt after a cyber intrusion. Don’t leave your business network vulnerable to intruders and criminals let our skilled technicians help secure your business network with our advanced network security solutions.
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Peace of mind certified, licensed and insured.
We have been using Ezatec Technology Consultants for over a decade with amazing results in our retail industry.
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