We design, build and support business websites.
A study conducted in 2017 found that 70% of shoppers will visit a potential business online before going to purchase in store. In 2019 of the small businesses that have websites, 69% of them are having  sales of $1,000,000 to $2,500,000 annually.

Premium web development

Our websites offer complete business solutions

Customized web design

Our web designers focus on your specific business identity. We incorporate seamless branding for all your selling platforms.

Web security

All of the websites we build are SSL encrypted using modern day security techniques anti-spam, DDOS protection and more.

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Powerful framework

Our websites offer integrated solutions for your point of sales, bookkeeping, and in store self serve terminals.

App manager

Manage your website with powerful apps built for mobile devices. Track sales, see what your visitors are doing and manage your customers all in real time.

Brand Web Development

We create standout branding

Our designers offer unique web branding built on the foundation of your business model.
Graphic Design Branding Marketing

Our Point of sales integration will create brand loyalty

Website and Point of Sales integration will allow your sales team to keep track of all your customers. Whether they sign up online or in store, you will always know who your customers are.
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Let your customers know when you release a new product

Market your products or services to all your customers using your business website. Keep customers engaged with our marketing solutions.

Order your business website today

Get the ultimate sales tool and learn how to grow your customer base and build your established business.
  • Customized Web Design
  • Mobile Design Trends
  • Digital Sales Solutions
  • Point of Sales Integration
  • Bookkeeping Integration
  • Customer Marketing Solutions
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Disclaimer: Packages may vary in price depending on customer needs and locations. Package prices are to be considered rough estimates. Each project base price may vary and are not to be taken as final package totals. Our integrated software solutions must be implemented in order to facilitate the required Eco system for all of our services to function as advertised , this may result in additional charges. We reserve the right to change our service or package prices at any time without further notice.

We have been using Ezatec Technology Consultants for over a decade with amazing results in our retail industry.
Dale Small Business Owner
I love what Ezatec's consultants have done for my business!
Tim Small Business Owner
I am just amazed at the quality and look of my business logo. Thank you Ezatec!
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Point of Sale
Advanced Point of Sale solutions
Our internal data shows that introducing a point of sale system can increase product sales by over 45% with improved customer service, employee management and detailed sales reports.

In-store self-serve website

Sale out of stock items in store or collect customers information. Your customers can use your Webaedo™ self service website with auto log out capabilities.

Always open

Sale even when your store closes with a window self serve display & a Webaedo™ website solution.

Point of Sale Hardware

Point of Sale integration

Let your business thrive within a single Eco system. Integrate a Webaedo™ website POS solution.

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