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We design, build and support your company's internal workings. We also help with online customer relations. Our services will make your business stand out.

Branding starts here

A company logo is the starting block of any successful organization. Fortune 500 companies spend millions on a simple elegant logo that best represents their entire organization. Let us create your foundation of success with an enterprise level logo at an affordable price.

Branding your business identity

Let us build on your logo with eye catching stationary, products & signage that will propel your company’s image to new heights.

Branding your online presence

We will continue this brand identity and create robust stylized store fronts. Did you know over 70% of shoppers will view your website before they decide to visit your store?

Branding your business

We offer company branding with visual design that will make your business stand out and get noticed. Custom graphic art for your business website or stationary. Digital ads that are leading the pack. Websites designed with your branded identity.

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Marketing your Brand

Building upon your brand we will market your business by managing your local listings on all major search engines and review sites to create a cohesive brand identity.

Digital & Print

We further market your brand to local print advertisement and major search engine placement ads. We will do custom research to find the best Geo targeting locations for your future customers.

In store marketing

Building upon the branding strategy  we will create a strong in store marketing presence that will keep your customers active & engaged.

Marketing your brand

Our marketing strategy will increase revenue and engage future customers.

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Faster Networks

We create more reliable, secure networks with unmatched speeds. Using the latest Cat6 cable that can support up to 10 Gbps speeds.

Secured Networks

The most important aspect of our networks are the custom security protocols we deploy. Security is our number one concern. Did you know that 60% of all small business file for bankruptcy when a data breach happens? Don’t let this happen to your small business we have spent over a decade securing networks.

Reliable Networks

Our network practices will keep your network up even in power outages. We want your company to have the time to properly shut down and backup all critical devices.

Keeping your company secured & connected

A proper network will make your sales team effective and focused on generating more sales while keeping your company’s security and data a top priority. We also offer security training to avoid suspicious emails.

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Desktop Computers

We can build faster desktop work stations using cost effective modern hardware.

Specialize Workstations

Custom workstations designed for a specific task.

Server Hardware

We customize servers based on your company’s specific needs.

Custom hardware solutions

Does your business need a computer to do a certain task? We offer unmatched custom computing solutions. From affordable desktops that cost less than the name brand computers with enhanced performance, better security all without unnecessary bloatware that can slow down your workflow. We also offer computer repair, hardware replacement, optimizations and hardware upgrades.

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Desktop Support

Our support covers a wide range of computer issues and provides quality solutions. You will never again be unable to complete your daily tasks. Save your company money by having on demand IT services.

Security Support

We can fix your business’s security vulnerabilities by removing Spyware, Trojans and Viruses. Our security audits will close security loop holes and protect your most sensitive data.

Remote Support

We offer remote support for your computers or mobile devices. Automate your software and security updates. Train your employees on computer tasks and applications live. Fix computer or software related issues in real time.

Hardware Support

Our hardware support can restore broken computers, install new hardware without compromising data, upgrade computers, fix software related issues and more.

Support on demand

Our support services offer remote support for your company’s computers and mobile devices. See our subscription methods by clicking the subscription button below.


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of consumers research purchases online before buying in a store.

Our services will simplify your business and help you succeed.

With over 15 years of retail technology consulting we can deliver a complete business package.
We offer a full line of tech services for the small business owner. Complete brand building, digital marketing, graphic design, networking, security management, infrastructure, point of sale development, server deployment, software training, desktop support and more.

Let our consultants help your business be more productive with less overhead. We understand no tech package fits all, every small business is unique and requires different technical needs.

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Tech solutions guarantee! We are certified, licensed and insured.