Custom Computer Hardware
Advanced computer & server hardware builds
The custom computing solutions we offer have no bloatware or unnecessary software installed. We build your hardware around your desired task at the most affordable price.

Custom design

We design our builds around your business needs.

Enhanced security

Every custom build comes with advanced security software and keystroke encryption. A crucial combination that has been proven for over a decade.

No bloatware

We install only crucial software for your company needs.


Powerful computing

Our builds use the most affordable and powerful hardware combinations on the market.

Cloud backups

We can build your own internal backup cloud server or you can use our affiliates powerful cloud backup solutions.

Future proof

Our custom builds are built to upgrade and outlast our competitors limited builds for many years.

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Intel® Technology Provider

“Intel, the Intel Logo, and Intel® Xeon® , Intel® Core™ i3 , Intel® Core™ i5 , Intel® Core™ i7 , Intel® Core™ i9 , Intel® UHD Graphics 630 ,  Intel® SSD 660P Series are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.”

Need a custom Workstation or Gaming PC? With our Coltanware℠ services we can build your perfect computer. With over 15 years of build experience we can fit almost any budget.

Custom PCs
Security Technology

Secure your business network

We offer powerful network security using our advanced network solutions
A small business study determined that $2,235,000 was the average cost of cyber attacks for small and medium-sized businesses. Over 70% of small businesses go bankrupt after a cyber intrusion. Don’t leave your business network vulnerable to intruders and criminals let our skilled technicians help secure your business network with our advanced network security solutions.
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Peace of mind certified, licensed and insured.